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Larry Moore/Gene Schmidt

Raised in upstate New York state,

Larry Moore moved to Wisconsin 25 years ago to join Sweetbottom, Elektra Asylum recording artists, who were a fixture

on the Milwaukee jazz fusion scene. He has opened for such diverse acts as Kansas, Kenny Loggins, Jefferson Starship, Dizzi Gilespie, Stanley Clark, Waylen

Jennings, Eddie Rabbit and Willie Nelson.He has performed with legends Bob Hope and Cab Calloway. For six years he was the Associate Music Director at Elmbrook Church. While onthe staff he arranged music for the praise teams and orchestra. An accomplished composer and arranger, he has been commissioned to provide several arrangements for the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra.His published orchestrations have been performed by many orchestras through out the country, including the Indianapolis Symphony, the St. Louis Symphony, the Minneapolis Symphony and the National Symphony Orchestra in Nashville. Currently arranging for Hal Leonard Corporation, he has over a hundred arrangements in publication. He

has most recently finished a project for the very talented Ardan James. He is currently writing scores for the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra

for their performances with The Gufs. Larry has also written for television, with his music being used to promote shows including Dateline, Days of Our Lives, ER, Fear Factor, Late Night, Law and Order, Scrubs and Saturday Night Live. He can’t name one favorite musician, but his favorite piano player is Vladamir Horiowitz. His favorite producer is David Foster. His favorite keyboard player is Dave Grusin. Larry plays various electronic keyboards but would always rather be playing a good grand piano

Songs Available Gene and Larry.

I have known Gene for 7 years, as our relationship developed over the years, it is obvious that Gene has a real passion and deep commitment to Jesus Christ. He has faithfully ministered to the body of Christ, not only in America, but in other parts of the world, especially Romania.


Gene has served the suffering body of Christ by supplying humanitarian aide and relief supplies to those who the Lord Jesus talks about in Mathew 25. Because of his tireless efforts with the persecuted and suffering saints, he has first hand experience to draw from.


Genes has an incredible gift of music to offer the body of Christ, and every song he sings, reflects biblical truth and the realities of what it truly means to take up your
cross and follow Jesus. Gene has an uncanny way of using his music to
disciple the body of Christ, I highly recommend him as a man of God, and as
a prophetic voice for this generation.

Ray Thorne ( The Voice of the Martyrs)


Stand For What You Stand For - Schmidt/Moore
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