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Dear friends,

Our God is amazing! I returned from a full and fruitful time of ministry in England during the month of May. What started out as only 5 meetings, the Lord multiplied to 9 meetings and concerts in 2 week! The Lord opened new doors and more requests to come back and minister.


My heart is stirred as the Lord continues to call me back to this nation and proclaim His words and music, and stir the people for the coming move of God in their land.


His presence and power was evident in each meeting. The first was a women's meeting (with quite a few men attending) held at the Costa Coffee Shop in the evening. It started with a homeless man dancing and playing his harmonica in the big window as I was beginning to sing. At the same time my sound system totally broke down. Help Lord! I was forced to sing worships songs a capella and the presence of God came into that coffee shop! Many received a word from the Lord that night as I prayed for them. One man came back to the Lord, several received healing, and the homeless man got a free coffee and a sandwich.


The Lord blessed the concert on Saturday night with many people coming from all around Manchester. No one wanted to leave afterwards! They stayed as I prayed for many people. I mentioned 3 times of the tea, Coffee, and cakes available, but the anointing was so strong people stayed, hungry for His presence. In the Sunday service at Bethany Church, the power of God took off. At the end of the meeting people continued to come forward for prayer, and the service lasted until 3 pm.


The Lord continued to open doors on this trip as 2 Russian churches invited me to sing in their special meetings. The people were from Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, and Russia there was a large group of the Roma people in the service,precious people who were very gifted in leading the Russian worship. Everything was spoken in Russian with an interpreter for the few of us who spoke English. They welcomed me as I sang "How Great thou Art, and It Is Well with My Soul"


I am so thankful for all of you who gave towards the missions trip to England in May. As I make preparations for this next ministry trip in a few month, please believe with me for the $2,500 to come in for the plane ticket and travel within the U.K I praise God for His faithfulness and appreciate your prayers and financial giving to help me take the Gospel to the nations!


God Bless you!


Tane' Miller

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