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Great Great God-Gene Schmidt
More Of Jesus-Gene Schmidt
Next To Me-Gene Schmidt
He Will Be There-Gene Schmidt
Forever Strong-Joe Beck Music
Jesus Walked By-Joe Beck Music
Set Your House In Order Joe Beck
Suffering Servant Joe Beck Music
Find Me Here Gary Forsythe
Endless/Boundless Gary Forsythe

This is the start of what we hope to be a great resource for finding great songs for your next EP or CD project. If you desire to record a song the standard royalty rates apply unless the writer decides on a different rate or royalty. We want to get the most anointed and well written songs out to you and also bless those who write the songs and labor so hard to refine them into a solid faith building and life changing song. If you want to use a song just reply to and we will send you all the contact info for you to connect with the writer before recording the song.

Song                                      Writer                                                  Lyrics                                                                                  Video
Pour In Pour Out
Gene Schmidt
Great I Am
Olivia Conn
Holy Invasion
Olivia Conn
Olivia Conn
All That I Need
Great Great God
More Of Jesus
Next To Me 
Olivia Conn
Gene Schmidt
Gene Schmidt
Gene Schmidt
He Will Be There
Gene Schmidt
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