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CSMI Recording Services


CSMI Member Recording/Production Services

Traditionally, musical artists who were fortunate enough to land a record deal would benefit from the label supply-

ing the funds and the opportunities to facilitate all of the necessary things needed, outside of writing and performing,

to make their artists successful. However, the majority of aspiring/independent artists are not so fortunate; leaving

the artists the daunting task of personally financing and/or literally tackling the following themselves:

1) Paying significant expenses on studio time or their own studio equipment to get their music recorded.

2) Paying for, or creating and maintaining their own online presence including, but not limited to, a website, facebook,

reverbnation, online retailers, youtube, etc. (most of which will likely require additional video production,

photography, etc.)

3) Booking shows - which includes phone calls, emails, etc. along with the creation of a press kit, and/or advertising

materials. (again, most likely requiring some form of video production/ photography)

4) Maintaining a fan base which includes newsletters, database, and email blasts, etc.

5) Merchandise - Paying for CD Duplication/Packaging, T-shirts, posters, stickers, etc.

When one really considers the time and money that is needed to be put into the above, it is no wonder independent

artists typically don't do more of what they really want to do in the first place... Perform/Minister.

CSMI is now offering it’s members a solution to the dilemma described above by partnering with a production studio

in the Nashville, TN area that will provide it’s members with recording and promoting services in the form of various

monthly subscription plans. This service would not be contractually binding, and once initiated, could be stopped* at

any time decided upon by the artist, and any and all finished products, songs, etc. would always remain 100% the

property of that artist. Services would be ongoing as long as the subscription fee is paid. This monthly subscription fee

would be in addition to the overall annual CSMI membership fee, but would entitle the subscriber to the following:


Monthly Plans:

LEVEL 1: $25 a month

- Unlimited Basic Studio Time.

LEVEL 2: $50 a month

- Unlimited Basic Studio Time, and the creation and maintaining of a band/artist website.

LEVEL 3: $75 a month

- Unlimited Basic Studio Time, the creation and maintaining of a band/artist website, and

the creation and maintaining of Electronic Press Materials.

LEVEL 4: $100 a month

- Unlimited *Upgraded Studio Time, the creation and maintaining of a band/artist website,

the creation and maintaining of Electronic Press Materials, and Booking assistance.

*(all of the services described above are further detailed in the following sections marked accordingly)

*In addition to Monthly Plans, a one time fee of $150 per song is also available.


Regardless of membership level, every subscriber would receive the main basic need – their music recorded. While

offering unlimited studio time to multiple artists may seem impossible, the likelihood of multiple artists needing to, and

being available to record simultaneously would be rare. Even though several artists may be working on a project at the

same time, they likely won’t all be available on many of the same actual days.



Studio time would be scheduled on a first come, first served basis, and would utilize an online calendar that every

subscribing artist would have access to in order to view openings and plan/schedule studio time. Included in basic studio

time is a professional Producer as well as basic additional background instrumentation (drums, bass, guitar, etc.) as

well as Background or Lead Vocals if needed/desired. If instrumentation and/or vocal work is desired outside of basics

(i.e. – Full Orchestra/Strings, multi-voice Choir, etc.) this can be achieved one of two ways. One of which, is subscribing

to “Level 4” which includes the “upgraded” studio time at no additional charge. The other is to pay extra for those

services on a “case by case” basis.


This service will consist of the custom creation, maintaining, and hosting of a basic 1 to 5 page website! The website

will be created “from scratch” as opposed to just using “bland” templates. Monthly or annual hosting fees are included

at no additional cost.


This service will likely be somewhat different for each individual artist (depending on their specific presentation),

however, it will in most cases, consist of a short Video utilizing photos and/or video clips of “live performance” footage,

text (Biography, contact info, etc.) and graphics. This video, and additional videos for further promotion (i.e. - a newly

released CD) can be used online via Youtube, artist website, as well as in email blasts, etc.

Again, this will be offered as an ongoing service for levels 3 and 4, as long as the monthly subscription fee is paid.

Even after the initial creation of a promotional video, continuing videos can be made to promote upcoming shows, new

products, or even as “video blogs” to simply stay in touch with fans. Just as with studio time, this service will be

scheduled on a “first come, first served” basis.


For Level 4 subscribers, all of the above services are included with the addition of some icing on the cake, so to speak.

Any time available outside of production work will be spent actually investigating and communicating with potential

venues and opportunities to perform within the artists desired location/criteria. The potential is also available for

contracting a “full time” booking agent for a small percentage of guaranteed “paying” performances booked.

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To Sign Up For One Of These Services email

Sean Ferrell at

Joe Beck

Joe Beck is one of Nashville's most successful and prolific songwriters. His passion for writing and performing began almost before he could read. As the son of missionaries, Joe grew up in Thailand where he performed songs for the Queen and King.

Joe's enthusiasm for Christian music began in the 90's, when he accepted an invitation to collaborate on the gospel song "Holding Out Hope To You." That song, sung by Michael English, earned Joe his first Dove Award.

Joe Beck has had over 250 major cuts within the last eight years. Over forty of those reached top ten, and fifteen became number one in Christian music, including Avalon's worldwide hit "Can't Live A Day." Joe's song "The Glorious Impossible" was nominated for a Grammy. Artsts who have recorded Joe Beck's songs include Diamond Rio, the Gaither Vocal Band, Crossway, Gordon Mote, and Carl Cartee.


Shawn Conley Red Alert Studios Hendersonville TN

35.00 an hour studio packages for C.S.M.I. Members..Great studio and enviornment to work in.


East Coast Studio wanting to help C.S.M.I. music projects.

Control Room: 16X18 Pro Tools HD 3 24in x 16out x 16 digital
2 Iso booths and 20x 18 main studio room
Mics: Neumann, AKG, Beyer, Shure, B L U E, Audio Technica
Pre Amps: SSL, UA, TRUE, Focusrite, PreSonus

Rates: $60 hr / $500 day / $2000 week WITH me as your engineer
I will also produce for an additional fee of $1000 per week (nor mandatory)

I can produce country, jazz, Gospel, CCM, orchestral classical and children’s material.

Studio location and phone numbers below.

President / Executive Producer
11433 Cronridge Drive, Suite G
Owings Mills MD 21117
410-998-9411 (office)
410-998-9447 (fax)

Originally from Wichita Falls, Texas, I now live in Franklin, TN.. I came here to be a songwriter first, then a player. Prior to my Tennessee adventures, I'd done a variety of "other things" besides music. I managed a radio station, was a worship leader, worked as a pro-audio consultant and met many of my musical and spiritual heroes along the way. I've had some songs published here in Nashville (kids music & choral), all of which have either been recorded and/or put in print. Still, I work a day job like most aspiring musical dreamers.

Simply put, I write songs and I play music. Music is one of my three great passions in life, along with God and family. I view life from a Christian/philosophical perspective, and tend to write songs that say something important with lyrics that are honest, vulnerable and contemplative From my point of view, life is too short and the world is incredibly needy. I want to make a difference with my art so that I'm missed when Im gone. I'm not a wealthy man but I'm blessed. I'm married to a great woman and have two fine boys. it's good to be alive

Arranger/Composer/Larry Moore

Raised in upstate New York state, Larry Moore moved to Wisconsin 25 years ago to join Sweetbottom, Elektra Asylum recording artists, who were a fixture on the Milwaukee jazz fusion scene. He has opened for such diverse acts as Kansas, Kenny Loggins, Jefferson Starship, Dizzi Gilespie, Stanley Clark, Waylen Jennings, Eddie Rabbit and Willie Nelson.

He has performed with legends Bob Hope and Cab Calloway (before they died, Yogi). For six years he was the Associate Music Director at Elmbrook Church. While on the staff he arranged music for the praise teams and orchestra.

An accomplished composer and arranger, he has been commissioned to provide several arrangements for the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. His published orchestrations have been performed by many orchestras throughout the country, including the Indianapolis Symphony, the St. Louis Symphony, the Minneapolis Symphony and the National Symphony Orchestra in Nashville. Currently arranging for Hal Leonard Corporation, he has over a hundred arrangements in publication. He has most recently finished a project for the very talented Ardan James. He is currently writing scores for the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra for their performances with The Gufs.

Larry Moore Contact Info

Arranger/Composer/Producer Roger Ryan

Music Is For The SOUL…

That’s the premise on which Roger Ryan has built his musical career. Roger is agraduate of Oakwood College, where he majored in Piano Performance and Graduate studies in Music Arranging which launched his producing career.

This nominated Grammy and Dove Awards producer has considerable experience. His work has run the full spectrum of the industry and spanned a wide range of genres. Directingmultiple choirs and small groups, his talentshave taken him around to world; Australia, the Fiji Islands, Vienna, Germany, Milan, the Ukraine, Hungary, the UK and Moscow just to name a few.

Highlights in his career include (production/performances):

  • Music Director for Gospel diva,CeceWinans

  • Musician with Country/Pop great Wynonna Judd

  • Arranging and production for Reverend Shirley Caesar (Queen of Gospel)

  • Written and/or arranged music for various recording artists such as:

    • Yolanda Adams, Alvin Slaughter, and others.

  • Invitation from actress Ashley Judd to play for her wedding in Scotland

  • Touring Europe as a vocalist with the acclaimed group Take 6

  • Live performances with artist such as (Just to name a few):

    • Whitney Houston, Michael W. Smith, Vanessa Bell Armstrong,

    • Earl Kluh, Kirk Whalum, Denise Williams, Amy Grant, Kenny Rogers

    • Fred Hammond, Jackie Velasquez, Crystal Gale, Karen Clark Sheard

    • Anointed,Desmond Pringle, the Blue Notes.

Though Roger’s giftshas made room for him worldwide, hehas also been dedicated to local church ministries, like Minister of Music for GracePointe Church. Additionally, he is a skilled music teacher and has conducted music and producer workshops in select cities. He is currently involved in numerous recording projects through his production company, AfterTouch Music, founded in the early 90’s.

“AfterTouch Music” is the culmination of his vision and a lifetime of work. For Roger, music is spiritual. “I truly do believe that music is for the soul and should come from the depths of who we are…from the core. The mind isn’t deep enough, neither is the heart. To inspire it must come from the soul.” Recognizing that there are countless talented individuals who slip through the cracks of major record labels, Roger’s goal is to provide an alternative avenue for artists to bring their music to life and to the world.

Additional Performance Accomplishments:

  • Co-Produced televised White House Program for PBS

  • Appearances on Good Morning America, NBC Today Show, Rosie O’Donnell Show, Gordon Elliot Show, Fox After Breakfast, Vibe Show and Motown Live

  • Lilo& Stitch Movie Premiere, Hollywood

  • Walt Disney World’s 25th Anniversary Celebration, Florida

  • Wonderful World of Disney Television Program performance

  • 1996 Summer Olympics, Atlanta

  • Billy Graham Telecast, Minneapolis Superdome

  • UNCF Parade of Stars with Lou Rawls, Apollo Theater

  • Songwriter’s Hall of Fame Induction: Tribute to Diana Ross

  • Vh1 Save the Music Show, NAMM Trade Convention; shared stage with Donna Summer, Gino Vanelli, David Peck, Tony Rich, Tommy Simms and others

  • Cinema Awards Tributes to: Bob Hope, Morgan Freeman, Richard Dreyfus and Susan Lucci; other performers included Tony Bennett, Chaka Kahn, Michael Bolton, The Four Tops and others.

  • Arranged and Directed Duke Ellington’s Martin Luther King Celebration, featuring Della Reese

  • Indianapolis500; presentation with Wynonna Judd and Brian McKnight

  • Para Olympics Opening Ceremonies with Stevie Wonder and Donnie Osmond

  • Goodwill Games Opening Ceremony

  • Collaborative work with Patti Austin and the San Francisco Orchestra; O Freedom, an Evolution of African American Music

  • Produced and Directed Walter Hawkins Tribute Concert, Oakwood College, Huntsville, AL

  • Donnie McClurkin at the Gathering of Champions, London

  • Richard Smallwood at the Millennium Celebration, London

  • Music Director for the “A Tour” with Sony/Columbia artists Anointed, Avalon and Nicole Nordeman


Mitch Dane


The founder of Nashville’s lauded Sputnik studios and producer of chart-toppers Jars of Clay on getting a great performance,

keeping an open mind and taking yourself seriously.

Video Services

Jon Ward owner of Jonnygrand films has offered discounted rates to any C.S.M.I. artists wishing to do:

* Music Videos

* Artist Promo Shoots

*Video for artist VBlog

* Any thing that requires 3 camera shoot.


For nearly two decades, Thespian Jon Ward, has been honing his skills in the entertainment business. After studying theater in Chicago and Los Angeles in the early nineties, Jon studied at Indiana-Purdue University under renowned Director/Screenplay Writer, Neil LaBute (Wicker Man). During his studies, Jon landed a small acting role in the Tri-Star major motion picture, Rudy; he soaked up the experience and went on to land other roles including a principle role in an episode of America's Most Wanted. Jon also worked in production roles developing his "behind the camera" skills on the sets of ABC's America's Funniest People and NBC's Unsolved Mysteries. In the mid-nineties, Jon split time between Los Angeles and Nashville acting and studying film. While in L.A., he acted in a few network sitcoms and commercials and appeared on the Improv comedy circuit. In the late nineties, Jon set roots in the Music City, Nashville Tennessee area. Shortly thereafter, he founded Jonnygrand Films and Media a vehicle for his skills in directing, producing, and editing. Over the past seven years under the guidance of Jon Ward, Jonnygrand Films and Media has personified excellence in professional music videos, short films, commercials, and visual effects for artist like Tobymac Grammy Album “Alive and Transported”, Jonny Lang and many more. Entrusted by the industries top performers and labels like EMI , Sony, Disney, and A&M Records. Jonnygrand Films and Media is on the cutting edge; always seeking new and innovative ways to creatively showcase the visions, dreams, and talents of others in the entertainment business.


Dennis DeVincolis








Dennis’ introduction into the world of video production came from the most unlikely source… the Tax Collectors Office. While employed with Lee County‚ in Florida, he was asked to research what equipment was required to produce videos of the highest quality‚ at the lowest cost.

It happened that his research was going on during the infancy of the digital video era… when equipment was limited and the price exorbitant.

He thought once the equipment was purchased he was on to the next assignment…wrong…. Instead he was instructed to learn how to use the equipment. At first (as is usual for him) he resisted, stating “That isn’t in my job description”… he was given a new job description.
Long story short‚ he ended up finding out he not only had the aptitude for production and editing&sbquo but he liked it! Since then he has gone onto a career spanning almost 15 years working in commercial production, instructional video production, product demonstrations, specialized web video and television production. His favorite saying is “I’ve finally come to the place in my life where my avocation and my vocation have become one”.
If you need to make sure your video project is completed on time‚ on budget and to the highest standard‚ then your in good hands with him.


Jason Wyatt-

Songwriter, session player and recording artist.Jason has worked with such notables in the music industry as Cary Banks, Eddie Bayers, Steve Williams, Wynn Varble, Noah Gordon, Matt Rovey, and Bart Allmond. He works currently as a full-time singer/songwriter in the Nashville area.

Started in 2008 exclusively for the web, was founded by two Nashville session players and songwriters, and has grown to include a full line-up of guitarists and vocalists.Not wanting to limit availability to only the Nashville area, our focus is web-based so that anyone has the opportunity to possess a well-crafted, high-quality vocal and guitar demo. This service has flourished in the last year, with clients heralding from all over the United States, and representing a wide variety of musical genres.It is our goal as a music company to put the songwriter first by producing high-quality demos that best showcase their writer's skills and abilities.

Our Services

Here at, we know that you need to put your best foot forward when plugging your song ideas. It doesn't matter if you're trying to sell a song commercially, or are trying to plug your song to local artists, churches, or recording companies. The competition out there is stiff and only the best quality recordings will get their chance in the limelight. offers the easiest, most hassle-free demo creation service available.

Working with professional studio musicians and vocalists, we take your own imput on your song, any song ideas, lyrics, or mp3 files you might have and recreate them into a professional demo that best represents your song — all in just 5 days from the date of your order.

We are also connected with DenTree Music in Nashville, TN, and have the ability to present or "pitch" your song to artists and publishers, if you think your song is "good enough" for the big time.

Additionally, we are very willing, if your song has what it takes, to sign a single song contract where you can potentially get your song published and make a large percentage of royalties.

Need a song produced to plug to a record company?
We can help!

Looking for a background track to sing at your church?
Let us create it for you!

Want to hear your song idea come to life professionally?
Wait till you hear what we can do!

Let us create your new best selling song in just 5 business days!

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