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Hosted By Stuart and Julie Zurcher
Saturday August 2021

The goal of the event is to unite Christians from different
denominations in offering Praise to the Trinity. While Christian
denominations have differences, we have a common ground in
God our maker, Christ our savior, and the Holy Spirit our might
and guide. Community praise and prayer can tear down strong
holds. Those who don't know Christ can get a glimpse of what
it is like to know freedom from sin and darkness. This event
takes place at the Maytag Bowl which is next to the popular
Maytag swim park.
We will have 4-6 groups performing songs in the afternoon of
June 15th. In between groups, we would like to provide the
opportunity for Christian non-profit organizations to give a short
description about their organization. They can also set up
tables at the back of the open air theater. We are also working
to have the local police department to have a community
You have not heard of this event before because it is the 1st
Annual event to be held in Newton. CSMI
( has been sponsoring these events in
other states. I am a new regional director for CSMI and working
to get an example started in Newton to continue to expand to
other localities next year. The pro-life movement is dear to
CSMI, and several members have participated in events with
the pro-life movement and written songs for them.
We have been posting advertisements since the beginning of
the year in local gas stations and at the cowboy church. We
have plans to release a press release and send out invitations
to local churches describing the event at the end of May.
Whether you participate or not, we covet your prayers for good
weather, participants, and that God would be glorified.

The Iowa Praise In The Park Woodland Park near the south shelter will be August 15th from noon to 6pm. There is plenty of space on the lawn for families to self distance as needed and still enjoy the music of some old and new groups performing.

The purpose of the event is to gather God’s children from different church bodies in a united body to lift praise and prayer in the community to our amazing Creator and merciful Savior. Uniting in praise and prayer makes a difference in the spiritual realm surrounding Newton. This year is especially relevant with the health, financial, and racial climate of our country.

While music will continue to be a key ingredient of the event, times of prayer by leaders in the community is going to be a focal point between groups as we humble ourselves and petition God’s help and blessing on our community.

Promotional advertising on bulletin boards, in the local paper, and on on will be coming in the following month. Follow and like the FB page to keep up to date. You can reply to this email to receive posters to help put out in your local church or on bulletin boards around you.  Feel free to forward this to any one else you think would be interested in the event.  You may also reply to this email to unsubscribe.


Stuart Zurcher

821 E 5th St N

Newton, IA 50208

Cell: 641-521-5133


noon Sounds of Inspiration

1pm Sanders

2 Julie Zurcher

3 Storm Seymour

4 Gene Schmidt

5 Sing a long  (anyone is welcome)  We are having a practice Wed Aug 5th at 5:15pm at Assemblies of God church, Newton

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