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Root Roads Album Releases March 24th 2017

How YOU can help:


Some quick details, we will be releasing this album on Friday, March 24th. This is our first full album since 2008, so a lot of love has gone into this project and we are very proud of this.


Some things you can do to help:

- Review the album and post your thoughts on Facebook, your blog or newsletter.

- Tell your friends about us and encourage them to follow us on social media.

- Record a testimonial or do a Facebook live video describing your experience listening to the album and how you may have been challenged by the message.

- Buy the record when it becomes available for purchase. Physical copies will be available at our shows and via mail order.  To order a physical copy, please email The digital album will be available everywhere digital music is sold. If you really like it, gift it to your close friends and family.  

- Write a testimonial of your experience with Root Road so we may share it with other churches interested in having us come and serve.

- Send us referrals of other churches you think may benefit from having us perform.

Eleni Naomi will be releasing her album in Spring of 2017






Song of Inspiration, Hope & Strength after Co-writer Lisa Cox was Diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease 


BLOOMINGTON, IN (March 24, 2017) – The song “First Punch” recorded and co-written by Heather Richardson and produced by Matt Price of Franklin, TN, tells the story of inspiration and hope for all of us fighting to not give up when life presents its unavoidable challenges. Picture a teen struggling with depression, a father losing his job, a child with special needs, or an injured military hero. Now picture a gym full of Parkinson’s patients & their coaches fighting to regain stability in their stance, power in their punch, and ownership of their mind and body they once knew.


The lyrics of this song were born from a place of despair. Cowriter, Lisa Cox worked as an elementary school counselor, and fully enjoyed an active life of raising three grown boys. In her fifties, she was “punched in the gut” with the diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease. “Despair and loss” is the only way she candescribe how she felt when she first heard the words “no cure”. She then “listened to the battle cry, calling to get up, get up and try!” The battle cry of friends and family encouraging her to get involved in a program called Rock Steady Boxing. Reluctantly, she went. However, when she took that “first punch,” she began to feel hope! Richardson and Cox want to share that sometimes it takes reaching out and throwing that “first punch” at whatever your fear is in life. “You’ll start to feel your spirits rise” as you take that small leap of faith.  Although “First Punch” is inspired by one battling Parkinson’s Disease, this song is for everyone battling something. Be brave and don’t let your fears stand in your way!


“First Punch” is not the first-time Richardson & Cox have collaborated musically. Heather performed a song at a the “Little Bit of Country Kindness Concert” sponsored by Stonegate Elementary school in February 2016. She and Cox wrote the song two weeks before the concert and they had never even met in person. Cox says that she is fortunate to have found such a talented musician to bring out the depth of emotion of her words through Richardson’s melodies. Richardson is a very talented songwriter. Cox and Richardson are inspired by all the children who are living with disabilities. Heather’s second cousin, Bella(8 years old), who has cerebral palsy, is one of their heroes. Bella and Cox now fight back their challenges by boxingtogether.


Heather is currently working on her debut EP with Grammy, Dove nominated, and Juno award winning producer, Roger Ryan, of Nashville, TN. Heather is eager to continue sharing the music swelling in her soul. She longs to bring hope and joy to others through her music and perhaps cause others to look at life a little more positively. 


You can find “First Punch” on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon March 24, 2017.


For more information about Heather Richardson visit  


For more information about Rock Steady visit  





About Heather Richardson

Born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, Heather has been known for her passion and excitement for music.  Music is extremely powerful and her desire is to touch others through song. Growing up performing with her three older sisters, known as The Hardy Sisters, Heather continued into her adult years singing and leading worship with in the church and other ministries she got involved in.  Over the last five years, Heather began writing and networking with people from all over United States through events such as the Gospel Music Associations, Immerse Conference, Write About Jesus, and an organization called Next Level Songs. She has also completed a mentorship program with Stephen Duncan, former Creative Director of Daywind Publishing and Creative manager with Centricity Music Publishing. As of member of CSMI (Christian Songwriters Musicians International), Heather has been able to share her music in cities in Nashville and Franklin, TN. She believes music can help transform and soften even the hardest and broken hearts. Heather currently resides outside ofBloomington, IN with her husband and two children where she also leads worship every Sunday at her local church in Ellettsville, IN. 


For more information on Heather Richardson visit


About Lisa Cox
Lisa Cox is a married mom of three grown boys. Her occupation of 24 years is a school counselor in an elementary school in Zionsville, IN.  Lisa grew up in Frankfort, Indiana with her parents who were both educators at her high school.  She is also in the fight against Parkinson’s Disease.  At Lisa’s darkest moment when doctors were not sure if her symptoms were from the Parkinson's or a spinal tumor or spinal cyst, she reconnected with an old friend who has twin girls who were launching a country music career in Pittsburgh.  She started writing song lyrics for them on a whim and now writing lyrics has become a passion as she has the gift of her health back for an undetermined amount of time. Parkinson’s Disease has given Lisa more compassion for those with disabilities and she wants to share what she has learned with as many people as possible. She hopes to bridge the gap and help those without disabilities understand what the world is like through the eyes of those who struggle to fit in. Lisa has been recognized by NASI (Nashville Songwriters Association International) as a writer to watch!


For more information on Lisa Cox visit


About Rock Steady

Rock Steady Boxing, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, gives people with Parkinson’s disease hope by improving their quality of life through a non-contact boxing based fitness curriculum.The Parkinson’s Disease Foundation estimates there are more than 1 million people in the United States diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, and more than 60,000 people are diagnosed each year. Rock Steady Boxing is the first gym in the country dedicated to the fight against Parkinson’s.


For more information about Rock Steady visit



Feel free to contact Heather Richardson at 317-341-0463 or 


Heather Richardson Music

Heather Richardson

Friends! My New Worship Album Is Here!


This is my first full on Worship and Devotional album- it's called "The Never Again"

Llisten to the story behind the title song and hear clips:

I will be in touch with updates on it, videos and devotions through Pledge Music 

Love and peace,

Lara Landon

Gene and Anne Schmidt's new album
Release Date May 2017

Take My Heart-Tara Danae


Every song on this EP is written from my heart and personal experience. When you hear each song, you are hearing a part of me and something that I am deeply passionate about. I hope that everyone who hears them will walk away inspired and encouraged and feel like they can relate to me as a person. I love that none of the songs sound the same. This project definitely does not fit “In A Box” (one of the singles from this project), and does not follow one specific genre. I have always lived somewhere between RnB, Pop, and Gospel and this EP represents all of those sides so well. It has been a journey recording these songs and just like the title track, God has been “Taking My Heart” on a ride and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

Eleni Naomi  Order Here  "Still I Wait"

Root Road  Order Here "Come Alive"

Gene and Anne Schmidt Order Here "Stand For God" 

Lara landon Order Here  "The Never Again"

Tara Danae Order Here  "Taking My Heart"

Zoe Fowler-Legacy Life Order Here "Stay Awhile" LIve CD

Carson Bruce- Order Here  "Songs From The Prayer Closet"

Tim Davis- Order Here "Since Satan Joined The Church"

Heather Richardson- Order Here "First Punch" Single

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