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CSMI is starting an artist recording fund program where each month we will pick an artist who is recording and raise funds for that month and give those funds  to the artist or artists who need the help with their project. This is a great way to sow into someone elses ministry. To donate just click on the link below.

About this project


I love Jesus, and I love jazz.  The culmination of those truths is what I like to call Soul Jazz, a timeless sound with a voice of hope.  Music is powerful and has the ability to bring down barriers between all types of people, and I've had the privilege to see God use it to soften hearts and spark conversation.  The concept of Christian music being taken beyond the walls of the church building isn't always well understood, but in my experience, music evangelism is effective and impactful.  It's been beautiful to see God work as I share the gospel through jazz in any place where the door is opened. 

I've been performing my original music in bars, music venues and coffee shops around the Nashville area since 2010.  In 2012, I released a 5 song EP called, "Speak," and since then, I’ve written new music that I’m blessed to have the opportunity to share live with various audiences. Often, people connect with a song and ask if it’s available to purchase, and currently, it’s not, so this project will fill that practical need.  Moving forward, I'll be targeting new venues to book, such as jazz clubs and restaurants. I plan to build a repertoire of songs that includes standards, jazz covers and originals along with some of my songs that have the gospel message.  Having this album available at these shows will be a huge piece of continuing ministry with those people who get to hear me live.


This album will include 7 songs, and the title is still to be decided.  Most of the track list will be made up of my original songs that have garnered the most significant response at my shows, but I'll also be including a "jazz it up" cover of a mainstream song (TBA).  I'll be recording along with the incredible guys that I often play with as a trio - Rick Shown (upright bass) & Terry Hubbard (drums).  Seriously, they've become like family and have blessed me enormously with their time and talents for about 2.5 years now.  I can't wait to get into the studio with them and do this up RIGHT!   

I'm thrilled to be working with award-winning producer, Loren Johnson, on this project.  In addition to being extremely talented at his craft, he's a dear friend and someone that has always appreciated the artistry and motivation behind what I'm doing musically.  (He gets me!)  He also brings with him a team of experienced professionals that will help to create a platform for my music (  I fully expect the collaboration to challenge, inspire and propel me forward into what God is putting on my heart to do, and I anticipate a beautifully unique final product that you'll all LOVE!

In addition to digital distribution and CD's, I'll be offering this project in VINYL!  I'm also excited to be venturing into music video as a part of the album release!  Music video is such a powerful way to engage audiences and an ever-increasing way that people discover and consume music.  The idea is to get these songs of hope in front of and in the hands of as many people as possible. 


The total amount needed to make this album possible is $11,000, which generally includes...

· Audio Production - $5,400

· Manufacturing & Distribution - $2,300

· Promotion - $1,800

· Video Production - $1,500*

Before bringing this amount to all of you, I reached out to a small circle of family and close friends about the project, and they have helped GREATLY (thanks guys!!)!  The goal listed here of $8,500 accounts for the remainder of what it will take to record, manufacture, package and promote the album, one in-studio video, PLUS some extra to cover Kickstarter fees and shipping costs when we reach the goal and I get to send you stuff!!

*As you can see, video production is a big-ticket item. I believe that we can give this project an adequate release with one in-studio video, so that's what I've included in the budget.  Nonetheless, the dream is to ALSO shoot a creative video for one of the tracks.  This would take the album release to another level and would potentially get the project in front of vastly more people.  This would add about $2,500 to the overall need.  My hope is that we exceed the campaign goal by enough to include it - let's make it happen! 


Once this campaign is successfully funded, the exhilarating creative process begins!  In a nutshell... writing, arranging, coordinating, recording, mixing, mastering... and that's just for the actual audio!  After that's complete, materials will be submitted to the album manufacturer, and there will be a waiting period before I receive the final physical product.  As an indie artist, there are certain months in the year that are better (and really bad) for an album release if you want to do it right.  Considering time for the creative process, October being a poor month for independent releases and November and December being packed with holiday travel and fun, the target for this release is JANUARY 2017.


More than making a GREAT album with excellent musicians and an incredible producer (THANK YOU, LORD!!), my heart is to create something that has eternal value.  There is so much hopelessness and desperation in this world, and my prayer is that I can bring hope into the darkness and peace into the chaos with this music.  My official vision as an artist is as follows... 

Create · Captivate · Inspire

To CREATE music with excellence, creativity and passion

To CAPTIVATE a diverse audience

To INSPIRE hope in every listener

I’m so excited to see what God does with this project!  THANK YOU for taking the time to consider being a part of it!

Jean Watson

Hi friends,


You have all blessed me in some way over the years, and I am so thankful for your love, support, and friendship! I have been working on a new CD project this year called WONDER, and we are really close to completion! God has truly begun a good work and I know He will finish it.  This CD is filled with worship music that just brings me into the presence of God. It has a ‘world music’ sound that is ethereal, powerful, and captivating! The two things that set it apart from anything I have ever done is first - it has a true worship focus, and second, it features lots of solo violin which people are always asking for! I have a friend who is dying of cancer at the moment and apparently finds it very soothing. 


I didn’t do this project on my own. God brought lots of amazing musicians to help me including MICHAEL W. SMITH who accompanied me on a new version of his song, “I Can Hear Your Voice”. What a honor! Others that played include John Ellis of ‘Tree63’, Steve Hindalong (“The Choir”) on percussion, and Peter Furler of the ‘Newsboys’ on drums. Together we created a truly a unique and spectacular sound!  Those of you who know me know that music is never just about entertainment - its about creating a vehicle the Holy Spirit can use to touch and change a heart. I have seen this happen over and over in concerts and through recordings!


Recording is expensive….massively expensive…and I have invested everything I can up to this point. As a Christian musician in full-time ministry, I rely completely on the Lord to support the music, and He always has. Now I am  at the end of my resources so I am asking those who feel prompted to join with me to help finish this project and share God’s WONDER with the world in a fresh way. The music is already recorded, but more funding is needed to complete the packaging and pay outstanding production costs. To help accomplish this, I have set up an ‘Indiegogo’ campaign where people can donate and receive ‘perks’ such as exclusive pre-release copies of the CD, lessons, and many other things. 


Here is a link where you can learn more about how to help share God’s WONDER with the world! Thank you in advance just for praying for me and my family as we move forward in ministry and all the Lord wants to do through us. 

Above all, may we all press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called us heavenward in Christ Jesus!



Jean Watson

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