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I have been given your name as one of the many volunteers that helped with the Tent America 2018 event. I would like to invite you to be a part of the 2019 Tent America event from October 17-19. There are six locations in Wisconsin and I am heading up the Delafield location. We have a facebook page with lots of information titled Delafield Tent America 2019.


We are looking for 3 kinds of volunteers;

1. Worship leaders, 1-2 hour shifts

2. Event Directors, shepherds of the event, 2-3 hour shifts

3. Hospitality tent volunteers, welcome people, serve them, pray with them, 2-3 hour shifts


I have a document describing each volunteer position on our facebook page. I have included the worship leader document for your referral.


Please contact me if you have any questions or want to volunteer for a time slot. We are already scheduling the event.


Thanks for serving the Lord!

Tom Schwalbach


Delafield Tent America 2019

7 Tents ♦ 3 Days ♦ 1 Star

Celebrate JESUS!


Oh, come, let us adore Him!  Let's come together for non-stop worship, prayer and proclaiming His Word!  Let's cry out to Him for healing in our land!  Never before has this kind of event been done right in front of our Tennessee State capitol at the Legislative Plaza.  Lord, let your glory be made known! 

There are so many ways you can participate... so APPLY NOW BELOW to join us for this event:

  •  Lead worship... Take a 2 hour set, day or night, to worship Jesus! ...because He is worthy!


  •  Pray in one of 2 Prayer Tents:  1. Prayer & Evangelism Tent or  2. Prayer for the Nation/s Tent


  •  Proclaim God's Word in one of 2 public Bible reading tents - we'll read the Bible in it's entirety!


  •  Join our evangelism teams (schedule a time with an evangelism team leader)


  •  Join our prayer walking teams (schedule a time with a prayer walking team leader)


  •  Volunteer to assist in one of the numerous needs we have during this event.


  •  40 Day Fast, Join Worship City Transformation, even if you can't come to Nashville!


Apply NOW to participate in one or more of these activities above at:  www.WorshipCity.US

"Changing our City to Change the World through Fasting, Prayer, & Worship!"

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