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About Membership

CSMI Membership is open to all Christian song writers that have a desire to work together with the common goal of honoring Christ. In that regards, membership is about fellowship, mentoring, sharpening one another in the area of Christian song writing, hymn writing, but all for the glory of God.

The membership fee of $25 and is a one time membership fee.  New members can enjoy being a part of workshops, seminars, Christian writer’s nights, forums, etc. These events will be for the purpose of sharing our faith and the good news of the gospel of Jesus to others.

Many of these events will be in Nashville, TN, the home of many Christian writers/artists and in other parts of the country. Also the fee will be used for mailings and communicating with each writer. Also we will endeavor to have a yearly convention of Christian Song writers around the country in a designated location to be determined.

If you cannot afford the membership fee, just check the Waive Membership Fee, but you will still receive full membership.

Membership Benefits

Christian Writers Night - Members will be able to participate in Christian Writers Nights in Nashville and across the country.

Regional Workshops - Members will be able to participate in regional workshops not only to help hone the craft of songwriting, but to inspire one another. There will be guest writers giving the workshops who have had many years of experience in Christian ministry as well as performing across the country. The goal is to help one another write songs that change hearts for the Lord.

Recording Seminars - Since it is so important to not only write quality songs but to record them, we will try to have some recording seminars to help understand the whole process of putting the song together in a recording studio for release.

Writers in the Round - Eventually in development will be a TV show called Writers in the Round featuring Christian Song writers performing their songs, sharing about how the songs were written, and giving a little background of the song. This will be a TV program for christian televison.

Other Benefits

* Professional Song Evaluation

* Copyright Services

* Profile and Sound Booth

* A Strong Faith Driven Community Of Writers and Musicians Networking Together

* Your Songs Will Be Heard

* Demo Services Available

Types Of Membership- Full Membership -Full membership includes all the benefits of membership, as well as notifications and correspondence as C.S.M.I. grows.

Full Membership (waived membership fee) -Same as full membership but because of your financial status or hardship, you will be allowed to have the membership fee waived. We will not exclude you because you cannot pay the membership fee

You Can Pay For Membership Using Paypal

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