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Robert Nakamoto-Asst Vice President
Pastor Kevin Mitchell-President
Gene Schmidt-Chairman
           Bob Hay-CSMI Board Member
Anne Schmidt-Publishing Division
Erskine Anivitarte CSMI National Director
Katie Peltier-Brad Peltier
Board Member
 Gary Forsythe--Recording Division
Joe beck--Songwriting Division

CSMI Leaders

Terry and Barbi Franklin
Prayer Leaders
Leah and Randy Faith Knotts TN Directors
Tony Nobles
CSMI Mens Prayer Leader
John Gilkes-Murfreesboro Prayer Leader
 Keith and Judy Atwood
 Exec Directors Hospitality
Bob Ross Thomas-
CSMI Mens Prayer Leader
           Tim Davis-Musicians Care Fund
           Michael Murphy -Musicians Care Fund
           Glenda Bullis-Musicians Care Fund
Pastor Martin Drani-Mens Prayer Leader.
                    Nashville Leaders
Lisa Dotolo
CSMI Hope Center Friday
Night Events.
Phil Keaggy
Artist Mentoring
Tom and Bonnie Kae Lentz
CSMI Missions/Evangelism
Executive Directors
           Judy Paster
 Womens Prayer Leader
Lydia Walker
Rustic Songbirds-Nashville
Randy and Nila Yeo
Praise In The Park-Michigan
    Renee Novack
 Womens Prayer Leader
Naima Johnston Bush
Artist Mentoring
Morgann McClanahan Smith
 Women's Prayer-Graphic Arts
Olivia Conn Dunkle
CSMI-Weekly Blog
George Meyer Chaplain
Eleni Naomi
Katie Pappas-Curb Cafe
Julie Branham
Tuesday Night Hope Center Outreach
Lara Landon Middleton
Artist Mentoring-Womens Prayer Leader

About CSMI


Mission Statement:

Christian Songwriters and Musicians International is a community of songwriters and musicians desiring to network with each other for the purpose of expanding God’s Kingdom. We are here to assist and encourage both songwriters and musicians in all genres of Christian music.

CSMI is committed to protecting the rights of the songwriter, lyricist, artist and musician in the music industry. We are an ever evolving community of songwriter’s and musicians around the country striving to connect people for the purpose of furthering the gifts that God has given them as well as the audience to receive it.

Through education, workshops, recording, performance, and evaluation, we are networking God’s people with the David’s of our generation.

CSMI Network was not only estabished to unite Christian song writers and musicians to each other, but also to network the artists to the listener, and the songwriter to the recording artist.

Whether the venue is a church, conference, festival, or music showcase, we want to serve this network by leading pastors, concert promoters, artists looking for that inspiratioal song to record, to CSMI members with integrity.

With mentorship, advice, instruction, education, and an open heart to serve God with the vessels he's entrusted to us, we will establish a network that will meet the needs of the writer, musician, singer, worship leader, pastor, and promoter.

I believe strongly we are held to a high standard any time we have a visible platform in ministry, whether music or other related arts. In that regard, the trend of Christian record labels being owned and managed many times by secular and non-Christian entities can hinder the growth and development of the artist because they have to answer to non-Christian authority. We are not talking a secular job, but in the element of Christian ministry, Christians should be in leadership and ownership of entities that promote and publish audio and video medium that is called Christian. This has created many roadblocks for serious Christian songwriters and artists who do not want to water down their song or message.

The goal of CSMI is to work together with our members to bring honor and glory to the Lord through the gifts and talents he has given us. In doing so we will strive to keep the love of Christ in our hearts for each other, pray for one another, and ask God to guide us. In Christian music especially the business end the spiritual goals and identities of the organization tend to get buried,overlooked or predicated as not being important. They are crucial to the growth and blessing and testimony of that organization.

We must show moral and spiritual fortitude in defining who we are as a person to project that in our ministry and music. If we have a poor walk with Christ we will have a poor testimony and this will permeate our outreach. Today we see morals and values eroded on every side and this is apparent in Christian circles as well. We require in the CSMI that the members have a decent walk with the Lord,not engaging in sexual immorality or inappropriate behavior. Adultery, homosexuality and or criminal or injudicious behavior will disqualify a member. If you have struggles,shortcomings, or are growing in Christ we welcome you and will help you on your spiritual journey. Please be above reproach and bring honor to the one we sing about.

CSMI Board.

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