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The Musicians Care Network

The Musicians Care Network Fund is designed specifically to raise money for down and out musicians facing finanical hardship. Each month we try to  help a musician who has fallen on hard times. We recieve reports of musicians who  have fallen on hard times and many times these difficulties are unforseen. Many have to hawk an instrument or at times face homelessness because of these hardships. We want to help one artist each month and invite you to help as well if you are able. For the month of May we are helping Bart Pike who has faced difficulties due to music cancellations etc.....In June we are helping An artist who just lost her job. The Lord said to love in action not just in word. This is what the Musicians Care Network is about.


Gene Schmidt

Artists who have recently performed at MCN events. Those with an asteric are artists Associates.
Root Road
Phil Keaggy
Jimmy Hall
Jack Pearson *
Timm Biery
Ray Barnett
Tommy Fairchild
Chris Nole
The Bart Walker Band
Charlie Wood
George Harper Band
Carolyn Martin
Jacquelin Simmers
Jim Evans
W.S. Holland Band
Judy Bailey & Sandra Fiinney
Boomer Castleman
Gene Schmidt/Remnant *

Bobby Pizazz


Our May Recipient:

Bart Pike

420.00 Raised


I would like to thank Gene schmidt and everyone involved in your wonderful organization for helping me. 420 dollars was raised to help me pay some bills which was a huge help. Also  my phone was almost shut off and without that I cant get work. I also would like to thank an anonymous artist that I have work for loaning me the 2000 dollars that I needed to save my home. Thank you most of all for all your prayers and love.

God bless you all.




June: Recipient: Alice Summers-250.00 Sherry Young 50.00


Thank you for the offer to help us out through the CSMI Musicians Care Network in June.


Love and Blessings!

Alice Summers


“And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works… encouraging one another.” (Hebrews 10:24-25)



July Recipient: Terry Lee Bolton: 150.00





Terry's Story;


It's just been 10 years of hell trying to life and continue playing music. We lost my mom my Grandma and my wifes dad. We lost our house and for 3 years we we're getting food from the food bank all the while being harassed by the people who ran the food bank because we we're white and getting help. It has been an attack after attack trying to break us from spreading Gods Greatness through our music and our life and our actions. That's just a small explanation and it would take weeks of typing to explain it all...




Our August Recipient is Anita Zurawski: 

Anita has no way of transporttation and lives and ministers in one of the worst areas od the US-Gary Indiana. She heads up the Artist Refuge Network. We want to help her get her car fixed and also help her financially as well.


Our September Recipients are Lee Akers and Michael Humber:


In October we want to help the Nashville Rescue Mission with Microphones for the womens Hope Center.


2015 Recipients:

Bon Farrell and Kelly Williard.


Bob Farrell has recieved $6010.00 so far.

Kelly Williard has recieved 75.00


Lara Landon-100.00-Oct 2015


Aria Fiore 50.00-Nov 2015


Judy Pastor 50.00 Nov 2015


Tane Miller 50.00 Nov 2015

James Burhardt 175.00 May 2016

Kelly Williard 175.00 May 2016

This was money raised from the MCN concert at Glory Worship Center

Dec 2017 

James Burhardt 500.00 MCN Concert Nashville August 2017

Kelly Williard 150.00 MCN Concert Nashville

2017 Musicians Care Fund

1300 to First United Methodist Church (12 Families lost their homes in the fire)

100.00  dollars of  Gift Cards to Gregory Pelc- and Starlit Stoltz's brother in Gatlinburg

900.00  gift cards to Samaritans Purse to distribute

2018 Larry Fleetwood 200.00

2019 Bob Perry 1200.00

Dumi 150.00

Dumi Musicians Care Concert-Nashville 450.00 October 26th 2019


To mail in a contribution please send it to:


303 East Haven Drive

Watertown WI 53094


To donate online:

Click the link below.



To donate to Musicians Care click on the paypal link below.

CSMI helped several families that lost everything in the Gatlinburg fire through the Musicians Care Network Fund.

We helped Gregory Pelc's family, Jasper and sofia Lorentzen and folks from Pastor Moore's church. The Gatlinburg Fire Victims were our 2017 Muscian Care Fund Recipients.

Gregory and Karen Pelc.

TAMPA, FL (WFLA) — A Tampa couple that moved to Gatlinburg, Tennessee to start a new life is now homeless because of the wildfires that consumed the tourist town. Their home was among the 700 structures destroyed.

Greg and Karen Pelc left behind family and friends in the Tampa Bay area to start a new chapter in their lives. Greg got a full-time job at Ober Gatlinburg Resort. But Monday night, wildfires drove them from their home with just minutes to react.

With flames shooting 15 to 20 feet in the air, and the sound of snapping trees all around them, the Pelcs grabbed their most important treasures: their chihuahuas, Star and Princess, and ran down Ski Mountain Road. They made it to downtown Gatlinburg, stomping embers as they went.

“For awhile we didn’t think we were going to make it,” says Greg. “We started choking real bad. And then God sent an angel named Heather. She picked us up and gave us a ride.”

The Pelcs are staying at an emergency shelter. They’re running low on important medications. Karen is a diabetic, and says insulin is in limited supply in Gatlinburg.

Greg says that Ober Gatlinburg Resort has told him they’re going to give employees some opportunities for employment, but cannot give him the 40 hours a week that he, and many other employees, have been counting on.

Our 2018 MCF recipient is Larry Fleetwood.

We lost our rent house with everything I owned in hurricane Harvey and back in Agust and have moved three times since to different places. I got the opportunity to purchase my parents place who passed away a few years ago and it is in pretty bad shape but the family is coming together to help me work on it and get it livable again.

 Being a foster parent I've adopted one baby who is two now, and adopting his brother soon, but must be in a stable home for adoption to take place and since the hurricane, that has been hard. I'm 52 with two babies trying to get settled again, be in a home that foster care will approve, and raise them properly. It has been a rough road but I know God is in control and He knows what I need and when.

Our 2018 MCF recipient is
Bob Perry

Bob Perry has an unusual passion for prayer that has resulted in him traveling to over 50 nations to study “how people pray". He surely has a calling on his life for prayer.

He founded the Nashville House of Prayer (NHOP) after a massive prayer meeting, on 7/7/07, titled 'The Call' with Lou Engle.

For over 30 years, Bob has served in varying capacities as Senior Pastor, Associate Pastor, Missions Director, Youth Pastor, and International Student Director.

He and his wife, Sharon of over 35 years, lived almost 12 years in Eastern Europe Latvia as missionary church planters and prayer leaders. Sharon, founded her own professional Christian dance company in Riga, Latvia and Nashville. They have four children with various interests in Arts & Entertainment and Sports.

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