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Gary Forsythe is a songwriter/producer who lives in Franklin, TN.  Originally from Wichita Falls, Texas,  Gary moved to Nashville ten years ago to pursue his lifelong dream of being a published songwriter.   Prior to his Tennessee adventures,  he  was a Christian radio station manager at KMOC-FM,  a worship leader, studio musician, and jingle writer.   After coming to Nashville, Gary worked for a few years as a pro-audio consultant for many of his musical and spiritual heroes, learning much from just listening to their hearts and stories.  Within his first year in Tennessee,  he immediately begin signing single song publishing agreements with Brentwood-Benson Music.  Over the last ten years he's had songs published and recorded in the Christian kid's and choral genres including his song "Crucify" which was included in the Dove award nominated musical "My Savior My God"; and songs on the Brentwood Kid's project "Crazy Praise 4" which he produced for the Brentwood music.  His song "Reach" from that project was included on the Word Records "Best Kid' Worship Songs of 2009"  CD.  Beyond his works with Brentwood-Benson, Gary has a prolific catalog of available songs in country, rock, indie, worship and pop genres with recorded songs on multiple releases from Ilonka, Bobby Boudreaux & the Thibodeaux, various other independent artists as well as by Gary himself. 

In 2012, Gary formed CollisionPoint Publishing to help bring to life his dream of impacting the broken world with musical works of art that transcend the trite, postured and shallow Christian songs we often hear today.  In all of his songs, he tries to engage both the questions and answers that all of us face.  It was recently said by one of his listeners that three words to best describe his music are authentic, true and vulnerable.   In Gary's own words: " life is too short and the world is incredibly needy. I want to make a difference with my art so that God is glorified, people are changed and I'm missed when Im gone."    To that end, most recently in 2014, his CollisionPoint release "8 Days", written with and performed by Ilonka Deaton, was the featured theme song in the independent film "8 Days", a film exposing the tragedy of human sex trafficking in America.  "8 Days" has now premiered in theaters all across America and in South Africa.  

Gary lives in Franklin, TN where he is married to Pam, his high school sweetheart and where attends Christ Community Church.  He has two sons, Josh & Cory, who are both attending college in Tennessee.

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Gary Forsythe

Talk about taking a trip back in time, this project escorts me back to good memories and a special season in my life. I was finishing college at Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, TX (around the mid-80’s) where I was actively playing solo concerts at various churches and student unions. While I had been writing for quite awhile, I had yet to produce a full album of my songs. Well the collection of songs on this project, “Reason To Rejoice”, became just that, my first (and last) completed solo project. While this project represents an authentic place in my early musical/spiritual journey, listening now to the inexperience in the writing makes me uncomfortable. But these songs touched allot of people, and its for them that I’m making it available for download. Ironically, I now live in Nashville, TN, less than five miles from where this project was recorded and mastered . Who would have thought...?

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